Next Level Leadership is an organization committed to great leadership and the resulting high performing teams.

We believe that there are fundamental attributes of great leaders and leadership. Many of these attributes have stood the test of time and will continue to do so in the future. The question is, if these leadership attributes are so basic and widely known, why don’t more leaders employ them? Further, with the pace of change that the world is facing today, what do leaders of today need to focus on in the future? What do team members today want in a leader?

Through keynote speaking, executive and leadership coaching and team coaching, Next Level Leadership is committed to partnering with you as you take your leadership and team to the next level – whatever that is for you.

The common thread for Nancy and her team is communication. We are known as communication specialists, within our disciplines of developing leaders and teams. Communication is one of the CORE competencies that every leader must have. We all can communicate – the question is how effective are we and how much better can we become.


Nancy Loraas, President of Next Level Leadership Inc., has been working with leaders and teams for over 25 years. Earlier in her career she worked on senior teams for major oil and gas companies, focused around Investor Relations and Economics and Financial Planning. For over 10 years, Nancy has had the privilege to coach many leaders and their teams. This work has ignited her passion in being a thought leader for trends in leadership and the essential CORE communication skills necessary in today’s world.