Leaders are busy people! Leaders want fast, long lasting, career enhancing transformational results. Bringing her “C-suite” experience along with years of coaching senior leaders, Nancy understands what leaders want and how to get them there.


Why do leaders want a coach?

 How and when do you position yourself for the next promotion?

 How do you implement that feedback you received and probably didn’t like?

• What is next for you – where do you want to be in one year? In five years?
How do you get there? What is the legacy you want to leave?

 Do you want to create a new level of accountability within your team?

 Do you want to know what you do to inspire your teams?

 Do you want to know your blind spots and manage them before someone else does?

 How about a little thinking time – time to reflect on who you are and want to become as a leader?

 How effective are you at participating and influencing at the senior table?

 How would you describe the “presence” that you bring to your professional role – and to life? Are you satisfied? Do you want to change it? Is it serving you?

Working with Nancy as your coach will provide a confidential, provocative and supportive environment to delve into these critical professional and life topics.


Coaching with Nancy provides you:

 New insights on yourself. Nancy offers a unique in-take process that provides a new perspective on how you know yourself.

 Candid feedback from your team, peers and others you choose in your organization. Through her widely respected tailored interview 360° survey method, clients receive information they need to know about how they are perceived by others.

 Accountability! The coaching process by definition provides an accountability structure second to none. Not to be confused with another “to-do” on your list, the coaching process offers an environment in which leaders take action and live into the changes they want to create.

 Clarity. Through coaching, leaders become clear on their professional leadership direction and have an opportunity to create and solidify where they strategically want to take their team and / or their organization.

 Direct feedback. Who do you know who is willing to tell you the truth? Nancy will! Through coaching, Nancy will be candid and direct – providing her observations and steering the course to your stated objectives.

Nancy works with clients one on one, either face to face or via telephone or Internet. Each coaching engagement is designed to meet the needs and schedule of the client.

Nancy coaches from the “CORE” and will invite you into your bigger leadership game by “leading from your CORE.”

Contact Nancy to schedule your introductory conversation with Nancy.



Executive & Leadership Coaching

“Coaching has been proven to be one of the most effective, efficient and desired options for the development of senior leaders in today’s corporate environment.”
Senior Human Resources Person, Oil and Gas

“A few months in advance of getting this job [CEO of EnCana Corporation] I hired a coach... The coaching helped me a great deal in recognizing my impact on others, which is something you don’t think of as you are going up in the organization. The biggest thing I learned was giving that little extra thought when I approach a subject – being aware of the unintended consequences.”
Randy Eresman, former CEO of EnCana Corporation as reported in Canada’s Globe and Mail Newspaper in an Article April 16, 2007

In 2007, EnCana won a “PRISM” award from the International Coaching Federation, Calgary chapter. This award is given to organizations demonstrating excellence as a result of coaching.

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