Team Building

with a Difference

The Next Level Leadership “Team Building with a Difference” was developed in direct response to what clients really need to significantly “up” the performance of their teams. While “fun” team building activities are essential, Nancy has found that teams need more than that. Here is what we do:

First – we need to find out where your team is at. A customized survey will provide invaluable information from which to design an approach for your team.

Second – we will lay out a process to work with you and your team. There will be aspects of your team dynamics that are working well and we want to ensure those continue. There will be other areas that need to be developed such as the direction or purpose; the way the team works together; how the team communicates; trust; accountability and clarity of who is doing what (roles and responsibilities.)

Third – on-going regular sessions (ideally every 4 – 6 weeks for 3 – 4 hours each) will provide a forum for the team to work through the key elements of high performing teams. The result of this process is that team members begin to know each other at a deeper level, they learn enhanced communication skills with a focus on candid conversations, they participate in facilitated conversations around topics such as strategic planning, challenging issues, and brainstorming stretch goals.

Fourth – upon completion of the initial process, the team agrees on the go-forward plan that is best for this team.

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Think about your best team experience. Is that the team you are on now? If it is, great! How can you up your game – even 10%? And what difference would that make?

If your current team experience is not your best team experience, what difference would it make to your organization if you could turn that team around?

Nancy has worked on her share of teams and has coached even more teams. There are key qualities of teams that must be present to create a high performing team.


High Performing Teams

From Nancy: One of my favorite questions that I ask leadership clients and team members is what do you really want to say to your boss that you are not saying? I always get the most amazing answers – clearly indicating that people hold back. What they have to say is powerful. If these messages were heard throughout the organization, change would positively impact the bottom line.
What stops you and your team from speaking up and taking action?