Not just another speaker...

Nancy energizes her topics of leadership effectiveness, creating high performing teams and communication through engaging stories and insights from the equestrian sport of dressage.

Nancy provides audiences with essential information and strategies to create results for your organization!

Nancy’s passion for her topics is contagious. Her belief in the potential of people to make a difference is up-lifting and refreshing.

Customized for you… Nancy is committed to tailor her fundamental keynote concepts to the client’s specific situation to maximize the benefit for the audience.


Nancy’s Keynotes...


Keynote Speaking


Secrets From Under the Board Room Table  
– Your Leadership Blueprint


High Impact Communication

The Missing Link in Life, Leadership and Teams

Does your audience...

• Need a refresher on leadership skills?

• Have blind spots they should be aware of?

• Want to improve their team’s accountability and performance?

After years of working in the “C-suite” and coaching senior leaders, it became increasingly clear to Nancy that there are some simple truths that every leader and all team members must implement to guarantee success. This keynote takes the audience through these essential concepts backed up with engaging organizational examples.

Today’s leaders and teams must be functioning at their peak in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Leaders must know what it takes to position their teams to meet the ever-increasing changes and challenges that arise in our world economy and environment.

This keynote provides leaders with the blueprint to create high performing teams. Insights, humor and practical tips and techniques make this keynote a foundation for any leader or team member. In addition, the power of the metaphor to sport enhances take-aways from this keynote.

Who should attend? This keynote is ideal for leaders that want to take their leadership to the next level. It is also essential for emerging leaders as they will identify the do’s and don’ts to fast track their leadership careers.



Of course you can communicate!
The question is – how successfully?

Do you ever find people don’t understand what you say? Worse yet, they ignore you? Have you ever had an emotional reaction that you weren’t proud of? How comfortable are you speaking your truth?

Are you saying what you mean? Or meaning what you say? Are they hearing what you mean or hearing what you say?

How well do you communicate and what would it take for your communication to rise to the next level?

This keynote provides simple concepts and skills to implement in all areas of your work and life.  Audiences leave with tangible take-aways for fast results. This content can be delivered as a keynote or as a breakout workshop.

This keynote will appeal to business and general audiences alike as Nancy explores the CORE of communication. Drawing on real life examples and finding the humor in what we have all done, makes this keynote an engaging and memorable event.

Who should attend? This keynote is geared for anyone who wants to improve their communication or learn how to leverage what they already do well. This keynote is of particular interest to teams within organizations as communication is the common currency for success.



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