“Why can’t we all just get along?”

I am sure you have all heard someone say this famous statement at some point in your life! Conflict can arise between two people or several people within a team or organization. How do you handle conflict on the team? Are conflicts and disagreements getting in the way of results? Conflict must be dealt with in order for the team to get back to business. There is a large cost of conflict that organizations tend to ignore. Don’t let this cost erode your results.

Nancy has worked with countless individuals and teams to identify and resolve their issues. The critical issue is to develop a plan of action or structure for all parties involved.

Nancy knows first hand the power and success of using mediation to deal with conflict. Unlike legal proceedings where the focus is often on facts alone, mediation offers a forum for everyone to be heard and for the interests of the parties to be used as the foundation for the solution. Mediation results demonstrate a high success rate in resolving differences.

It is important to recognize that there are varying degrees of “conflict.” When a disagreement escalates to the level that the people involved cannot find a solution on their own, it is time to move to mediation.

If you are wondering if your situation would benefit from mediation, contact Nancy.

Mediation and

Conflict Management