Why have a facilitator? Off-sites or team days are expensive enough. What is the point to having an outside facilitator lead your next meeting?

Utilizing a facilitator allows everyone to participate. Without a facilitator, the leader(s) are often so focused on the meeting and the flow of the day, they forget or don’t have an opportunity to input into the content. Worse yet, If the leader is the facilitator, participants may shut down once you voice your opinion or stance on the points of discussion. Using Nancy as your facilitator positions all attendees to participate fully.

All participants, especially the leader(s), can relax into the content and not worry about the flow of the day and the process.

A neutral facilitator can ask the obvious and often tough questions that participants often hold back.

Hiring a facilitator frees up your time to do your day-to-day work while your facilitator plans and prepares for the facilitation.

Nancy is committed to providing you and your team with a powerful summary and a report of the outcomes of the discussion. So often the discussion provides deep insight and brilliant ideas. It is critical to capture this information and create a plan as to how to use this knowledge.

As a coach, Nancy ensures that your team will leave the meeting or off-site with the next steps. It is critical to create a structure to integrate the insights from the team discussion into action.

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